Thursday, June 8, 2017

Week #48

Howdy y'all! Man this week flew by! I hope this week has been a great one for y'all! Congrats to all those who have/are about to graduate, and enjoy no school! I've officially been out for 11 months. It's crazy! Time is flying by and I don't know what to do with myself. This week has been a super busy week, but miracles have happened and the work is progressing here in Vegas!

First off, we had the baptism of the Tso family on Saturday! They are such a sweet family, and they have progressed a ton! So Ginger (the mom) has a sister, Carmelita, in one of the other wards we cover. Carmelita and her family were baptized a few months ago. When they were taking the lessons and were baptized, Ginger could see the change that the gospel brought into her sister's family, and she wanted the same for her kids! So she started having the missionaries come over and teach her and her family, and a month and a few weeks later Ginger, Kyler, and Kaleb are now baptized and confirmed as members of the Church! It was a wonderful experience and the Spirit was felt strongly by all who attended the service!

Also on Saturday, we were able to participate in the baptism of a 9 year old named Mike! He has been taught by the sister missionaries, and being new to the ward they are in, they didn't know too many people. So Mike's mom told the sisters that she wanted elders to do all of the Priesthood parts of the service, and she asked me to baptize Mike. It was the first time I had ever baptized anybody. It was such a surreal experience. I wish I could explain how I felt during the ordinance. It was such a testimony-building experience, and something that I will never forget.

We had a really cool experience at church this past Sunday. With it being fast Sunday, it was a testimony meeting. At one point, this one lady named Nicole, who was visiting the Ajayi family, got up and bore her testimony. It was a powerful testimony, and after the meeting was over we went and talked to her and thanked her for her testimony, and came to find out that she wasn't a member of the church and it was her first time attending an LDS service! So crazy! She wanted to start taking the lessons as well, which is awesome!

My thought this week isn't a spiritual thought but a challenge! So we had dinner with this awesome family, the Colledge's. They're like 25 and 22 and are here for the summer for an internship. While we were eating and talking with them, Brother Colledge told us about this challenge he was given on his mission. It's call 30 minutes for 30 days. He told us that his Mission President's wife gave him this challenge, and then told us what it was. So, for 30 days in a row, when you say your prayers you pray for 30 minutes. WHAT. I was blown away haha and he said it was definitely tough, but it changed his world. And starting today, I am going to take that challenge on, and I want to challenge y'all to do the same. I know the power of prayer is real. I know God hears our prayers and answers them in His time and according to His will. I know that if we pray with faith and then act on the answers we receive, we will be blessed and will continue to grow closer to our Father in Heaven. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

Let the games begin! Haha I hope y'all join me in this challenge. It will be hard, but I firmly believe it will change your life. If y'all end up taking it on, send me an email about how it goes throughout the 30 days. I want to hear about your experiences and thoughts! Until next week y'all! God speed!

Elder Houssian

 Mike's baptism
 Tso family Baptism
Summer is here . . . .

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