Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Week #75

Howdy y’all! This week has flown by, and another transfer has come and gone! I feel like we were just here haha. Time truly is going by so fast. We’ve had another great week together and we are loving working together!

So for starters, transfer calls came in yesterday and...... I’m staying for a 4th transfer and I’m going to continue training Elder Smith! I am so excited and looking forward to another transfer with him. This is by far the longest I’ve stayed in an area, 1/4 of my mission actually, but I’m glad it’s these wards, because they’re great! 

This week we continued the process of weeding out people who aren’t interested in our records and seeing where our investigators are at in their progress and what their end goal is. It’s been nice to be able to get some of that done so that we can focus on the people who are ready to hear the message of the gospel. 

We had a cool experience this week with one of our members, Rudy Ruettiger (the guy who the movie “Rudy” is about). We help him take care of his pets, and this weekend he called us over to give us a Christmas present. We went over and he pulled out two jerseys with his name and number on it and signed them! It was so cool! He is a great guy and we have built a great relationship with him. I’ll send the picture next week!

Tyler is doing well, he is our most solid investigator right now. He is getting ready for baptism and is progressing very well!

This week I wanted to share a scripture that I came across in my studies. It is
Alma 36:17-19, and it reads;

17 And it came to pass that as I was thus racked with torment, while I was harrowed up by the memory of my many sins, behold, I remembered also to have heard my father prophesy unto the people concerning the coming of one Jesus Christ, a Son of God, to atone for the sins of the world.
18 Now, as my mind caught hold upon this thought, I cried within my heart: O Jesus, thou Son of God, have mercy on me, who am in the gall of bitterness, and am encircled about by the everlasting chains of death.
19 And now, behold, when I thought this, I could remember my pains no more; yea, I was harrowed up by the memory of my sins no more.

I love this passage. Alma is speaking to his son Helaman and is talking about his conversion experience. He was “racked with torment” because of the sins She he had committed. Then remembering the teachings of his father, he humbled himself and prayed and asked for forgiveness and mercy, and the Lord provided it. As we go through life and make mistakes, striving to be better, we can be forgiven and healed by the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, but we must humble ourselves and ask for it that forgiveness and healing. It isn’t necessary to carry the burden of our sins on our shoulder. Repentance is a joyful process, and I know that to be true. It will benefit us more physically and spiritually to repent and ask for forgiveness rather than weighing ourselves down by keeping them to ourselves. I pray that we may all come to this realization, and allow God to forgive us and the Savior to heal us. I know these things to be true, and I can promise you will feel an overwhelming sense of joy and happiness, because I have experienced it in my own life. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

I love y’all! Have a tremendous week! Until next week! God speed!

Elder Houssian

 Rudy's Bird, Willie

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Week #74

Howdy everyone! Another week is in the bag! This week flew by, as did this transfer. It’s already week 6! We’ve had a great week this week, and we definitely saw some miracles! 

This week we had back to back Ward Christmas parties, and had a great turn out! We had 6 of our investigators attend and one of them, Aida, was one of our miracles we saw this week! So we were about to start driving Friday night, and we received a referral for Aida on our phone. She had gone onto the Facebook page and requested us to come by! So we called her and she asked us to stop by the next morning, and of course we went! She is the sweetest lady and is originally from Egypt! She has lived in a lot of different places and has talked to missionaries before, and she has a very strong belief in Christ. So we met with her and invited her to the Christmas party, and she came! She loved it and she was able to meet a ton of ward members! We are continuing to teach her, and things are looking promising for sure!

Another highlight was us doing service for a single lady in the ward. We had 19 tonnes of rock to move, and we showed up with members from the ward and went to work! We have a few members in the ward who own landscaping companies, and they brought their equipment (including a small tractor to load rock into wheelbarrows) to make the job easier. We ended up moving all of the rock and getting it laid out in an hour and 15 minutes. It was so awesome to witness!

My spiritual thought this week comes from a scripture that I came across in my studies. It is found in the Book of Mormon, Alma 37:6, and it reads;

“6 Now ye may suppose that this is foolishness in me; but behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass; and small means in many instances doth confound the wise.”

Often times as humans we are always wanting to do the great, miraculous, grueling tasks, but we tend to overlook the small and simple things. These small and simple things can be things like reading the scriptures daily, praying daily, going to church, and so on. These small and simple things are what will help us keep and build our testimony. I testify with everything that I have, that these simple things can have some of the greatest impacts on our lives and our testimony. We can become converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ through the little things. I promise that as you focus on the little things and strive to do them, you will see a change in yourself and you will build and strengthen your testimony in the gospel and the Savior. You will truly become converted. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Safety Stanley making sure to have a safe ride 😂

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Week #73

Howdy howdy! This week has been a blast and has flown by! Like I said before, today is our pday because we went to the temple today! It was such a blessing to be in the house of the Lord. The Spirit was incredibly strong, and it was wonderful to spend some time with my District!

Things are going great! We went to 6 houses for Thanksgiving, it was great! It was nice to spend some time with some members and share the wealth of food😂

This week has been a pretty good week. We have been able to see some miracles in our work and the Lord is helping move the work forward!

Our investigators are doing very well, especially Tyler! He is getting ready to be baptized on the 16th and is progressing very well! We are about to have some make or break lessons with a few of our investigators. Elder Smith and I are in the process of weeding out people who aren’t as interested and are more wanting us over just to hang out. We have been being bold and forward with our investigators and so far it has been effective.

We had a miracle Sunday night. We were visiting with some of our investigators who are getting ready to move, and as we were with them, one of their friends asked us to come outside and talk with him, so we did. He wants to change his life around and wants our help to do it. We are starting to teach him and he definitely has some potential!

My thought this week comes from the Bible. It is Psalm 27:1, and it reads

1 The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

As we align our will with the Lord’s, what do we have to fear? We can find strength, happiness, and joy that can only be found in the Lord. The purpose of the Savior and His Atonement is not to make us perfect in this life, but to help us learn right from wrong, be forgiven of our sins, and be prepared to be perfected in the life to come. Perfection is not possible in this life, but through the Savior, who is our light and our salvation, and the strength of our life, we can one day stand before God and be judged, have the Savior stand as our advocate, and then be perfected and live in the presence of the Savior and our Heavenly Father, and be with our families for eternity. I know these things to be true and I am so grateful for my family and the blessing it truly is to have them forever. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

I hope y’all have a wonderful week! Until next week! God speed!

Elder Houssian


Monday, November 20, 2017

Week #72

Howdy y’all! Sorry it’s been another crazy busy day! We’ve been doing a lot of service and took some of our pday to do some servicing as well! We have seen so many miracles this week. It has been wonderful to see the hand of the Lord in our work.

We found two awesome families this week! One was a referral and did the other was a miracle we had! It was 8:40 and we were being cold-shouldered left and right. So we decided to knock on one door and then drive home. We picked the house of a former investigator and knocked on the door, and he answered! His name is Scott and he is so awesome. Five minutes into talking to him, and his wife came out and talked to us too. They asked us to come back and teach their 3 kids later that week! So we went over Saturday and had a get-to-know-you lesson, and Sunday the mom came to church and loved it! There is lots of potential for this family!

We have been given the green light to use Facebook and Facebook Messenger now for our proselyting! It will be creating a new Facebook account and using it to post messages and thoughts on it, so feel free to add me! I’ll send out some requests next week also! My new account is Kyle C. Houssian!

I wanted to leave y’all with a short and sweet scripture that I love! It says

“10 Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God”

I absolutely love this verse. No matter what someone does to us or what we think of them, and no matter what people think of us, everyone has individual worth, and it is GREAT in God’s eyes. You are worth everything to our Heavenly Father, never forget that! I say that in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

I hope y’all have a great week! Until next week! God speed!

Elder Houssian

Monday, November 13, 2017

Week #71

Howdy y’all! I hope y’all had a great week! This week has been a crazy busy week for us! So this week we have seen a lot of progress in our investigators and in our mission! 

There are some advances being made in our use of our technology on the mission! We had a special meeting with President and Sister Youngblood, where we received some awesome trainings. Sister Youngblood talked about some housekeeping stuff (don’t worry mom, my apartment is clean!) and then President Youngblood talked about some much needed things! He talked about discouragement and how we can face it head on on our missions, and then talked about repentance, which is always good to be refreshed on. Then he gave some training on Facebook. We are getting ready to become an Online Proselyting Mission, so you might see some changes on my Facebook account because we have been given the green light to clean up our accounts and get ready to get the ball rolling! I believe it will be a great tool in the mission if used properly. The Lord’s work is moving forward!

We received a super awesome referral from some elders for a family of four! It’s the Rousseau family, Nathan, Tasha, Alexis, and Talon! They are so solid and are such a cute younger family. 

The Redd’s are doing great! They had their baby this week, which was huge! They named him Lemuel. This will be interesting haha! 

Tyler is doing great! We have a solid date set for him and he is motivated and ready to be baptized!

Everyone else is doing well also. Elder Smith has been doing great and is adjusting so well! I have loved serving with him so far! 

This week I came across this quote from President Hinckley which I loved. It says;

“Never forget who you are. … You are in very deed a child of God. … He is your Eternal Father. He loves you. … He wants His sons and daughters to be happy. Sin never was happiness. Transgression never was happiness. Disobedience never was happiness. The way of happiness is found in the plan of our Father in Heaven and in obedience to the commandments of His Beloved Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.”

We are all children of God. He loves us and wants us all to be happy. The way to be happy in this life is through obeying god the commandments of the Savior and through the Plan of Salvation (a.k.a. The Plan of Happiness). I double to testify what President Hinckley said. God loves us and wants us back home. I promise that as we follow the commandments and build our faith in the Savior, and Heavenly Father’s Plan for us, we will find the most joy and happiness in this life, and eternal joy in the life to come. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Have a wonderful week y’all! Love y’all! Until next week! God speed!

Elder Houssian

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Week #70

Hey y’all!  This week has been crazy busy, and today flew by so I don’t have much time to write! First off, Happy Birthday to my brother Nathan! Love you buddy!

I got my new trainee this week, and I love him! His name is Elder Smith and he’s from Adelaide, Australia! We have been loving serving together and have seen some miracles in the work!

All of our investigators are doing great! This month is looking great for a lot of our investigators! Tyler is doing great and is loving the lessons! The Redds are doing great great also, they are really learning and growing as a family, and Holly is going to have her baby any day now!

Besides that, all is great! I wanted to leave you with this scripture I came across this week in my studies. It comes from Alma, chapter 34, verse 32. It reads

32 For behold, this life is the time for men to prepare to meet God; yea, behold the day of this life is the day for men to perform their labors.

I love this scripture. It is a great reminder that we are only on this earth temporarily, and that after we pass on, we will eventually be in the presence of God again. The decisions and choices we make now will affect us in the life to come. God knew we wouldn’t be perfect and we would sin, so to over come sin and death He sent our Savior, Jesus Christ. It is through Him that we can be forgiven of our wrong choices and be made clean again, and one day live with our loving Heavenly Father again. Those blessings are dependent upon our humility and willingness to allow the healing power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ’s enter into our lives. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

I hope y’all have a wonderful week! Talk soon! God speed!

Elder Houssian

Monday, October 30, 2017

Week #69

Hey y’all! Another week and another transfer are in the bag! This transfer went by so fast! We got our transfer calls this morning and found out that I am staying in my area for a 3rd transfer and I am training again! I am super excited to be able to train another missionary! Elder P is going to a new area in Henderson and he will be training as well. This is a first for me, as it’s the first area that I’ve had where I’ve been there longer than 2 transfers! I love this area so I’m excited to continue serving here!

Our week this week has been busy! We’ve had a lot going on and have been teaching a ton, which is always nice. This week we were able to set one of our investigators with a baptismal date! Her name is Deborah. She is such a nice lady and is really taking the time to study and learn about the Book of Mormon. She comes from a Christian background and knows the Bible very well, and knows how to study it, so she is really loving the Book of Mormon. 

Our investigator Tyler is doing very well! He is on track to being baptized on the 11th, and is so solid. He wants to be a member of the Church so bad. We are going to be seeing him tonight and continuing to tech him and prepare him to be baptized.

The Redd family is doing very well also. Momma Redd is about to have her baby any day now, so we may or may not have to put stuff on hold for a little bit! The kids want to get baptized and are so eager for their baptism on December 9th

Everyone else is doing well! We have lots to do today so I’m going to close with a quote this week! It comes from Erastus Snow, an early General Authority, who said it in a discourse given on October 8th, 1879. It says “He (God) will work in his own wondrous way his purposes to perform. It becomes us to be very humble, that we may be worthy to be his instruments in accomplishing his designs.” Humility is a Christ-like attribute, and one that we as humans always are improving on. As we are humble and align our will with God’s, we will be made effective instruments in His hands to accomplish the things He Needs is to accomplish. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Have a wonderful week! Talk soon! God speed!

Elder Houssian


The Squad
 Still working on their musical talent . . .
 Everyone needs the gospel, right?

 Deer sausage and eggs!

The bros!  Elder Owens and Elder P are being transfered.  :(